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Mid-morning I left work as usual in the van to go to the school where I read with my 1st grade buddy during his lunch.

The point of the program is to promote literacy. It doesn’t necessarily mean the student has to read but the idea is to just have a mentoring like relationship and read to the child so that it promotes reading and literacy overall. Many of these students don’t have english speaking parents but seem to love reading so it’s just another way to give them a little time to do so.

So far every time I have met with my student I read the books and he eats lunch and he sometimes comments or ask questions but has not once tried to read a word on the page.

We were told specifically not to force the children to read but if they want to they can and that’s fantastic. After reading probably 6 children books and 1 whole Wimpy Kid diaries book, he hasn’t tried.

Today he picked out a book and we sat down. I opened the book and was about to say the first word and he started reading.

He read the ENTIRE BOOK! Granted there was only 2 sentences per few pages but he not only read those he also read the words in the many pictures.

It’s like we had some sort of break-through. I don’t know what it is, maybe he is now comfortable enough to read aloud with me? Whatever it is, I feel like a proud mama 🙂

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