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I had a wonderful weekend with the Townie. It was his sister’s wedding weekend so I spent Friday getting mani/pedis with the Bridal party (incredibly sweet they asked me to join), then came the rehearsal dinner, the wedding, the after-party and a quick stop to say goodbyes on Sunday morning.

I really lucked out with the Townie’s family. I can’t explain how wonderful and welcoming they all are. They all said such nice things to me over the weekend and never for a second did I feel like I didn’t belong.  There may have even been “sister in-law” and “cousin in-law” jokes made my way 🙂

No, that’s not my hand. But if he likes it so much, it’s going to be time pretty soon that he puts a ring on it. 😛

Side note: if you met someone through online dating (like I did with the Townie) would you tell people how you met? Both the Townie and I had no qualms telling our friends that we met online yet somehow when it came time to tell our family, work folks and acquaintances, we found ourselves saying we met at a bar.

Anyway, yesterday I was absolutely exhausted. I napped for almost 3 hours in the afternoon, stuffed my face with pizza, and went back to bed.

Instead of coming off the high of the past few days I’m feeling a bit stressed, a bit exhausted, and pulled too thin in too many directions.

All I can do is get back on track for the next few days and stop making so many social plans!

30 minutes strength training
20 minutes cardio
Cooking dinner & fall tv shows! What’s good on Mondays…?

3 mile run
Cooking dinner and BIGGEST LOSER

Spin class

AM 30 min strength training
Making a jambalaya dinner for the Townie, my BFF and her husband
(*Will save Vampire Diaries  for a non-townie night)

2 mile run
Cooking a birthday dinner for the Townie

In sad news my Garmin forerunner doesn’t seem to want to charge. I would really like to start wearing a heart rate monitor for calories burned but I need one that isn’t large, doesn’t necessary need a chest band and is pretty accurate. Help?

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You know what I loved about today? That I got to get in a quick gym workout during my lunch. Even though it was only a 2 mile run – it was fast and it felt great. And it really woke me up!
Anddddd I am about to be on a little mini-vacation. It’s perfect timing.
Tonight after work I am picking up 4 of the girls and we are driving to upstate NY (4 hour road trip together woohoo) for one of our college friend’s wedding. What I’m really excited about is that we have a nice long road trip together, a fun sleepover in a hotel room tonight, and tomorrow we can sleep in and lounge for the day before the wedding festivities start. And the wedding reception is going to have Wegman’s bulk candy bins for everyone to make their own take home bags. Umm bagged Wegman’s candy and late night hot tub? Yes please.
And I bought myself a new dark green silk Calvin Klein dress that just happens to be my favorite color and makes me feel gooood!
Saturday morning we’ll be heading back hopefully getting in by the afternoon with just enough time to shower and change before heading out for G’s birthday dinner bar night.
…and I’m off!

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