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Let me start by saying that I was a tiny bit cranky and overwhelmed last week, could you tell?

I knew the Townie and I would be fine, but I like to be honest (maybe too honest) on this blog and last week I was letting some of the little things get to me. I love when I get comments that knock me out of my moods.

Sometimes as a control freak it’s hard to let go of the schedule that I have in mind. I need to learn to relax a little when it comes to that.

I also need to voice my need for personal space and what I deem as priorities more. Both the Townie and I are still learning the best ways to communicate with each other. I’m glad I found someone who is willing to work through that.

Anyway, I spent this past weekend in Stowe, Vermont with the Townie. Saturday included ziplining through mountains.

Yup, that’s me!

Saturday afternoon we rented bikes and biked 11 miles along a river path.

Saturday night I ate the most amazing flatbread pizza of my life. Blue cheese, bacon, and honey = food heaven. I will absolutely post that picture later.

Sunday included a 2 hour hike mid-day to a beautiful pond at the top of a mountain. Rain kept us inside eating (another flatbread pizza) and drinking wine at the resort that night.

And today is Tuesday which means a short work week, woohoo!

I’m spending tonight in Rhode Island getting to catch-up with my family and one of my Florida cousins who happens to be a bestie. Totally worth the super early drive back into Boston tomorrow morning.

This week is already off to a great start 🙂

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