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Our plan Friday night was to go home and veg and that didn’t quite happen. As I walked to the train I ran into the Husband’s best friend’s wife who mentioned she and her husband (who also happen to live a few miles from us) were around that night and wondering if we wanted to do dinner. We ended up going to this delicious small Italian restaurant near our homes that is BYOB. 4 hours, a ton of pasta, 3 bottles of wine, and frozen yogurt filled with toppings by a tipsy person (me), we were back at home. It was a super fun night, full of giggle fits. It felt like for the first time in weeks that I was really letting go. I swear the New England winter this year really got me down, and that all just seemed to disappear on Friday night.

Saturday morning I headed over to my friend’s new condo for brunch with a few girls from college. One, who now lives in New York, is 5 months pregnant so it was fun to see her and ask her all sorts of inappropriate and awkward pregnant questions that she willing answered over a delicious egg casserole. I won’t lie, my baby fever hit hard after talking with her. She’s having a great pregnancy, aside from being a little tired the first trimester, she’s glowing, happy, excited, gained maybe 8lbs (I swear just in her chest) and just sounds so happy and thankful to be pregnant.

Saturday afternoon the Husband and I drove about 35 minutes with Bentley to a dog park that we heard rave reviews about. We normally steer clear of dog parks, at least the smaller fenced in kinds, and stick to hiking trails that allow dogs. This one though is a huge open hill area, with a short loop around it, surrounded by water. It was wonderful. It must have been 60 degrees and sunny, and we just walked around as Bentley played with all sorts of dogs (except small ones… when really small dogs bark or snarl at him he whines and runs away). He made besties with a great dane the size of a horse and a pitbull and I made besties with a 7lb cavalier puppy and a 5 month old golden puppy that just wanted to rub against my legs. We even got Bentley to try out the water for the first time and it was far more successful than I imagined. He didn’t swim per say, but he loved racing around in and out of the water and a few times we tricked him by throwing rocks into the water. We all left covered in mud, smiling and on a vitamin D high.




Post beach day.

Post beach day.

Sunday morning I was up early, running around to CVS looking for tape and more wrapping paper as the bridal shower gift I got was HUGE and I was having a hell of a time wrapping it. Around 11 I was off, and spent a good deal of the afternoon at the shower. To be honest, it’s not my favorite thing to spend a day at a bridal shower, especially when I only knew 3 people there, but I sat with my Mother-in-Law and chatted for a while and played along with games and present opening and made the best of it.


I was home sometime after 4 and the husband and I ordered take-out (someone take away the pasta from me, please!) and proceeded to watch a marathon of the walking dead episodes. It was so nice to sit on the couch with the windows open, fresh air blowing in, Bentley snoozing at our feet and just relaxing. Somewhere in there too I made one hell of a chocolate chip ice cream sandwich. I should have gotten into bed early, but oh well, we stayed up to finish season 3 until almost midnight. It was worth it!


I actually feel refreshed today. Happy. Excited. And SO THANKFUL that it’s warm and sunny.

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I’ve said it before, but I have a tendency to write a lot more when I’m in a negative or confused place. I wanted to be sure to document some things from the past two weeks because really, life has been good!

The Husband and I watched episodes 1-7 of True Detective on Sunday. Yes 7 (1 hour) episodes straight. To say we can’t wait for the finale this weekend is an understatement. That show is strange and so damn addicting. Watch it.

We took Bentley on an hour hike together on Sunday, the Husband’s idea, and it was so nice to spend time just the three of us outside, even though it was cold and icy. Bentley was so well behaved…that is until he ran up and grabbed something off the ground. We went to pull it out of his mouth and out came what looked like a dirty baby wipe. We both said to each other, no that must be mud on that wipe. Mind you, we were hiking in a really nice, wealthy, reservation area. A few hundred yards later we spotted a pair of torn boxers, covered in shit, with a bunch of used baby wipes next to them. We spent the rest of the walk hands out, gagging, just wanting to get home and sanitize ourselves.

The weekend before this last one, I bought a new car! Well, I traded my 12-year-old Honda in for a 2014 Jeep Patriot lease. I know a lot of people didn’t understand, but it was oddly emotional saying goodbye to that car. It was MY first ever car, and it is tied to so many memories. However, driving around in a nice new car, that I’m not worried will break down or get stuck in a snow bank, is pretty sweet. 🙂

This actual past weekend we had friends from college come out, with their 7 month old baby. I swear I have never seen such a happy, easy-going baby. It definitely didn’t help my baby fever and I actually think it sparked it a bit more in the Husband. We still plan to wait until after my half-ironman (at earliest).

I was so happy to see Bentley’s reaction to having a baby in the house. He was curious, sweet (kept wanting to lick his feet) and oddly calm –at one point I was holding the baby, sitting in the dog bed and Bentley came over, sat down and put his head on my leg. It was one of those moments looking at the baby sitting on my left leg, and the puppy resting on my right leg that I felt, this is pure happiness, and the Husband and I will have this one day. Granted, the baby was in our house for only a few hours, so we still plan to have the behaviorist come and help us prepare him and all that jazz, but I’m still relieved.

Speaking of Bentley, he is back in daycare/going on long walks after being neutered. Life feels far less hectic now that Bentley is more tired, and we actually have more time to have lives.

Our wedding schedule this year keeps getting crazier. We now have the following weddings: July 26th, (August 30th got cancelled (well they decided to make it a family only wedding), yay!), September 20th, October TBD [friends moving home from England having their American reception], November 1st, and December 31st. Plus showers and bachelorettes for all. No more please.

I’m trying really hard to pull myself out of this half-ironman funk. Let’s see if I were to be completely honest… I’m doubting myself. Flat-out doubting myself. So much so that I thought, hmm I could just get pregnant now and not do it. But I don’t want that. I also know, deep down, if I don’t do this now – it will be one of, if not my biggest, regret to date. I think that the best athletes are consistent. For the next few months all I want to do is consistently get these workouts in, no matter the pace. Just get them in. It’s true, I honest to God just want to finish – that’s my only goal!

I went to bed at 9:45pm last night – that’s the earliest in a long time. I was up at 5:40am thinking I was still tired but after my train ride and completing my 45 minute run class – I felt, and still feel, fantastic. The power of sleep…and coffee!

I am so, so, so over the cold weather. I like winter and I love snow, but it’s March. I need sunny mid 50’s now not 20’s with wind chills down to single digits. This weather makes me just want to get home, bundle under covers, lay on the couch, eat hearty meals and watch TV. After doing that since December, it’s time for a change. I never thought weather would affect me this much, but it’s really draining me.

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The start of February was exactly what I needed.

Friday night I headed to the gym after work. Unfortunately I didn’t make the spin class but I was able to motivate myself to get 1 hour on the bike with my own music.

Just 39 more miles after this amount...

Just 39 more miles after this amount…

The Husband was doing an OT shift, so I headed home with my Panera dinner, hung with Bentley and worked on a little “leave it” training and then we were both asleep by 11pm.

Saturday I was up before 7am (thanks Bentley) and we hung out a bit and got some cuddling/training time in. At 9:30 I took him to daycare and headed into the city to meet up with my friend for our birthday celebration day. (A yearly tradition to get together in between our birthdays.) We took a Flywheel spin class – which aside from the chaos the ensues before and after the class – the class itself was amazing and I seriously felt the burn. The instructor and the music was my favorite to date in a spin class.

We left class and headed to get big green salads for lunch and catch-up. Then we walked over to our go-to spa to get MASSAGES. We gave ourselves enough time to take showers there, put on comfy robes and sit for a few before our massage time.

So when I booked the appointment there was only an opening with 1 female and 1 male masseuse. I gave my friend the female and for the first time had a male. I’m not going to lie, I was actually a little nervous but all in all it wasn’t that weird. I can’t say I was 100% as comfortable as I would have been with a female, since he was (thankfully so) focusing a lot on my hips, glutes and IT Bands and it was sorta strange to have a 6’7 swedish man rubbing me but damn his hands hurt but in a hurt so good way, but all in all it was great. I left feeling looser and less off kilter in my hips than I have in months.


I headed home to pick up Bentley, and we, including the Husband, snuggled in bed a little before we crated him and the Husband and I went off to get sushi and fro yo. The original plan was to see a movie but one look at the chaos of the movie theater and parking situation and we nixed that.

At this point I started to really feel the fact that I hadn’t had any coffee all day (I bought a Dunkin coffee but didn’t have time before spin to drink it. Plus it tasted so burnt). I was physically and mentally beyond exhausted. We headed back home sometime around 9 and not long after I painted my nails and apparently fell asleep on the husband’s stomach. I remember around 11pm he woke me up because he had been holding it and couldn’t anymore, and HAD TO pee. I remember going to get up…and my hand was stuck to his shirt.

Clearly I didn't fix them...

Clearly I didn’t fix them…

Sunday I cleaned the house. I mean I cleaned. I don’t know what got into me, actually I think it’s similar to Jill’s recent post in that I am trying to organize and control the chaos that was my life. I scrubbed floors, the shower, the toilet, I swiffered, I took out loads of garbage, I did 2 loads of laundry, I picked out work outfits for this week, unloaded and re-loaded the dishwasher, and all around tidied up. I spent about 6 hours in total. But it felt so, so good. What didn’t feel good was skipping my long run. I think this reiterates that Becelisa is right about figuring out how to have a weekend day off.


Oddly though I didn’t sleep well last night. I kept having a dream about a “pyr” dog and couldn’t figure out what type of dog that was. It kept me anxiously awake and I tossed and turned. I wonder if the 4 cups of coffee yesterday did that…

Anyway, I’m feeling organized and positive today. I’m ready to make February an amazing month. 🙂

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Friday night the Husband and I hit up the gym after work. I’m thankful that he needs to go on Fridays because after work on a Friday cold night, sometimes  all the time it’s hard to get myself motivated to go. I got a swim in, then some quick shopping for some additional presents/food items for a birthday party on Saturday and then was home around 8:30 to spend some quality time with Bentley before his first weekend of boarding.

Saturday I was up by 7am, playing with Bentley and taking him to daycare/boarding around 9:30. I started getting ready and wrapping presents and before I knew it I was driving (in a good 5 inches of snow that was coming down hard) to take the 1:19 train into the city. Met up with the birthday girl and friends at a hotel and started the celebration. The husband met us after he woke up, and we headed to a big group dinner at the most delicious Italian place for an 8:45pm reservation. After dinner, around 11pm we headed to a bar across the street and hung until a little before 1am and then I just couldn’t hang any more. I had stopped my wine consumption mid-dinner, and the husband hadn’t drank at all since he was our DD. We made the 20 minute walk back to our car, the 30 minute drive back towards home, stopped, got my car at the train, and we were finally home and in bed just after 2am.

Sunday morning I was up by 8am (“sleeping in” without Bentley, although lack of sleep was hitting hard) and showered quickly and headed to meet back up with my girlfriends for brunch and hanging out. At 3pm we all departed, and I headed on the 30 minute trek back to my area where I met up with the husband at his best friend’s place where they were screaming at football. Caught up with the wife since they just got back from the honeymoon, until just before 5pm when it was time to pick up Bentley.

Picked Bentley up, who apparently had a great weekend, but still seemed happy to see me, and headed home. Shortly after the Husband stomped in… the beloved Patriots had lost and he wanted to do anything but talk or hear about football. Instead we watched The Butler which I highly recommend, I shed a few tears and thoroughly enjoyed hanging with my two guys before the Husband was off to work.

Monday I was up with Bentley around 7am, and we snuggled and hung up until a friend showed up at 11am. We took Bentley on a long loop hike and got to spend some quality time together (and tire the pup out) who was being so well-behaved I almost couldn’t believe it. Normally he always listens when on our off-leash hikes, but sometimes when he starts playing with another dog he doesn’t always stop and come when he’s told and yet yesterday, he did exactly as I said when I said it.

Went home for a quick change and to feed the monster before crating him and went off to do some shopping with the same friend. We spent some time in Athleta and I’m loving their workout gear and style. I used to buy Lululemon workout capris and pants (I know the price is steep, but honestly, I will pay more for pants that stay up while I’m running and last years versus 10 washes) however, I’m not loving Lululemon overall as a brand anymore for a number of reasons. I found an awesome pair of running tights at Athleta for half the cost and I LOVE their policy – you can wear the item to workout in and if you don’t like it, bring it back and exchange or return it!

I was home at 3pm and the husband was just waking up and starting to get ready for our “date night”. An hour or so later he was ready, I had tired out the pup again, and we were off to an early dinner (at this point I realized that all day I had just had a half soup/half salad from Panera and was ravenous) before going to see Lone Survivor.

How to describe that movie… hard to watch, hard to stomach, very real, and I held it together through the real life pictures at the end, that is until I got to the car and broke down completely. One of the Husband’s best friends is a navy seal and wow, do I hope his Mother never sees that movie. I just can’t fathom having a child take part in war…I just can’t. Thinking of the movie now gives me a pit in my stomach and a lump in my throat.

Got home around 9pm, packed up for today since I’m heading straight to the gym after work (30 min swim, 1 hour on bike) and talked with the Husband for a few before bed. I’m really glad my plan gets emailed to me nightly as a reminder because I had my alarm set for 4:59am this morning to do a long bike but completely mixed up my training days since this week is a trial for a different schedule. I get to save that 4am wake-up time for another week.

So here I am, back in the office feeling socially really happy, but mentally a little wiped, even more wiped after writing all of that out (this introvert needs recharge time) and physically just ready to get into my plan.

I’m also feeling wiped in the sense of just needing more sleep. I don’t know how I used to only sleep 5-6 hours a night and feel good. Now I’m getting somewhere between 6-7.5 and still, I just feel like I need more. I would love to be getting 8 hours a night. I’m too wiped to even re-read what I wrote to make sure it makes sense. In fact, I’d actually like to curl up with a blanket under my desk right now…

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Earlier last week I had planned to have somewhat of a low-key weekend. While I ended up with more plans that I imagined, the whole weekend was about comfort and well-being. Exactly what I needed amidst the chaos recently!  

Friday night

The husband and I met two couple friends for dinner at a somewhat run-down place. Even though the service was awful, and the food was kind of gross, it was so much fun to just hang out and spend 3 hours at dinner with all of them. I was asleep by 11pm on Friday night and woke up at 8am to get ready and meet two of my girlfriends for breakfast.


There is something so comforting about having an early(ish) breakfast out on a weekend morning in the winter. We went to a little café and caught up for a couple of hours and it was just so nice. It reminded me quite a bit of the Saturday morning diner breakfasts that the girls have in Sex & The City.

PicMonkey Collage

Unfortunately after breakfast I had to work on a large project that’s due this morning. After working, the husband and I drove out to Rhode Island to have dinner with my cousin and her fiancé, and my aunt and uncle. This is the same house I spend Thanksgiving at each year and I don’t know what it is, but I always feel so at home when I’m there. It is warm, comforting and wonderful to sit around with family, eat a delicious dinner and laugh. We spent 5 hours there before driving back home to Boston.

The husband went to meet up with a few friends that came into Boston and instead of going too, the crazy partier I am, I was passed out by 11pm.


I woke up at 7:15am raring to go. I couldn’t believe it. Talk about feeling rested after a few nights of good sleep. I sat around drinking coffee and watching Boy Meets World reruns for a while before heading to the grocery store to pick up all the fixings to make munchies for the Super Bowl party we were headed to.

Around 12 or so the husband woke up, sat on the couch with me while I worked some more on that project (at least it was something I could do from home for a few hours) and then we got to prepping — he made nachos – 6 layers of tortilla chips, homemade queso, pepper jack cheese, ground beef seasoned with cumin and cayenne pepper, jalapenos and olives. I made crock pot buffalo chicken dip — ranch dressing, franks red hot, cream cheese, blue cheese and shredded rotisserie chicken. Both turned out delicious.

We headed over to our Super Bowl gathering at 4 and ate absurd amounts of food (aside from the dip and nachos we brought there was: cheese and crackers, munchie mix, pork ribs, pulled pork sandwiches with broccoli slaw, mac and cheese with bacon, brownies and blondies). So much food. I have to say though, I actually made it through the entire weekend without a single drink. For some reason on Friday night at dinner I decided I wanted to go the weekend without drinking (I have had too many nights of beer and wine recently) and I’m happy to say I had a great weekend, felt great (and not bloated or hung-over)!

I headed home mid game with two of our friends (well mid power outage) since I had to be up at 6am today and the Husband stayed and planned to come home after the game. As much as I got lots of time with him during our various activities with others this past weekend we didn’t have too much time alone and I found myself missing him as I fell asleep.


At 6am this morning en route to my bus I checked my email and saw something from him titled, 100 Reasons Why I Love You sent at midnight last night.

It’s too intimate to share the 100 reasons list (and some wouldn’t make sense to anyone but us), but it’s when he does things like that that I’m reminded, as much as he can be or act so tough on the exterior…really he’s a mush who loves and appreciates me. I can’t help but smile today. 🙂

I also had a great hour long strength training session at the gym this morning before work – full of TRX, squats and push-ups – and I’m just feeling all around great.

Amidst all the chaos things seem to all be moving forward, in the right direction.

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