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Monday: AM: 60 minutes strength
Tuesday: PM: 60 minutes running/strength class
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: AM: 60 minutes running/abs class / PM: 60 minutes Hatha yoga
Friday: PM: 30 minute walk
Saturday: AM: 45 minutes spin / 60 minutes gentle yoga
Sunday: 25 minute walk

My second week (here’s one) went really well and a few things on my mind…

I love my running classes. I have two separate running classes – my first one, on Tuesday evenings that is a combo of strength (weighted lunges, skull crushers, planks, push-ups) and running (intervals, sprints, mile repeats) with an instructor who I would say is the Jillian Michaels at my gym. The second running class, on Thursday mornings is with an instructor who is much more like a Bob Harper and it’s much more cardio running based, with a little abs. I love both classes, and I really like both styles of teaching. I assumed I’d prefer the Bob-like class but actually, my preference was more towards the Jillian class. She may have been barking orders, but it motivated me and I just did what she said to do, without thinking that I couldn’t. Both classes are fantastic and I’m pushing myself far more than I would ever on my own. Sprints at 6, 9, 11, 13, and 15% inclines? Never, ever happened before. But I did it. I left both classes with a red face that lasted for hours, and I felt pretty damn accomplished.

I took a spin class before my gentle yoga class on Saturday and it was awesome. It’s been so long since I’ve taken a spin class with a motivating teacher and fantastic music. My instructor is 14 weeks pregnant with twins, this was her second class in a row that she was teaching (and partaking in) and she still pushed hard. It was a hilly and fast workout that went for 17 miles on that damn spin bike. I’m definitely going to try to get to spin class more often.

I really wanted my six days a week of workouts to be pretty solid workouts, not “walks”. However, between my shin splints, sore muscles, exhaustion, late period that finally arrived, and an opportunity to have dinner with my BFF who I hadn’t seen in too long, I nixed my Friday evening workout, and instead spent 30 minutes slow walking during lunch. It gave me a little anxiety at first, but then I realized how silly I was being. Walking is exercise. And for the record, quality time with my BFF was way better than a yoga class. I will admit though I should have (and fully could have) done a little more exercise on Sunday. My body felt awesome – no soreness and not tired anymore – but aside from about a 1 mile walk with friends (and massive cleaning out of my closet) I didn’t exercise. I would like to push a little harder this week – because I know I can.

I’m loving Yoga even more now because I’m no longer looking around the room. I used to get nervous because I couldn’t easily do or didn’t want to try certain poses. Lately in the yoga classes I have been attending (especially since they are more gentle) I just close my eyes and do my thing. For the first time last week I easily got into Eagle pose, held it, and gracefully unraveled. If they offered it, I swear I’d go to gentle yoga every evening.

I fully realize that small group classes – which are a small additional fee in addition to my gym membership – are the most motivating and consistent way for me to get my workouts in. I have no plans of stopping my once a week personal training, or my twice a week running classes and in fact…I just added one more to my weekly workouts. Friday morning kettlebells. I figured it would get me to the gym before work, I’d get a legit workout in before the weekend, and it’d leave my Friday evenings open instead of cancelling or worrying about the gym when Friday evening plans come up.

One thing I completely forgot about which will help me on my excuse days (it’s cold, rainy, I’m inside and can’t work out) is my collection…


Welcome back Jillian.

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“They” say it takes about 21 days to form a new habit. Well for the past 3 weeks I have worked out a consistent 5 days a week, with varied workouts each time – strength, running and yoga (I still dislike yoga, but it has really helped my tight hips). Heading to the gym feels like a comfortable, and much needed, part of my day. I can feel the difference in my body and my mood and apparently noticeable differences have been pointed out by my in-laws.

Now that I have “formed a new habit” I want to light a fire under my butt, set a goal and push harder so I don’t lose steam. For the month of April, I want to make exercise and recovery (foam rolling, I still loathe you) my top priority. I want to work out 6 days a week, in a healthy way, and be 100% present in each workout. As much as I want to see the scale drop, I want to put my focus on working out, getting stronger and feeling more toned. I want to wake up on May 1st and feel damn good.

My April schedule will be as follows:

Monday – 60 minutes strength with personal trainer
Tuesday  – 60 minutes small group running class with trainer
Wednesday  – 45 minutes Pilates*
Thursday  – 60 minutes small group running and core class with trainer
Friday  – 60 minutes slow flow yoga*
Saturday – 45 minutes run or spin
Sunday  – Rest

The running classes are small group classes at my gym that I have been on numerous wait lists to get in and finally did. I’m psyched to essentially have a running coach for the next 6 weeks. The Pilates class is a less intense matt-based class so I’m not worried about taking it between running days. Slow flow yoga is exactly as it sounds, meant to slowly stretch your body and is not meant to burn calories or build strength.

In the end that will mean about 2 days of strength, 3 days of running, 1 day of yoga, and 1 day of rest.

So here we go, I’m committed to getting a workout in 6 days a week for this entire month. One day down successfully, 29 more to go!


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The past two to three weeks I have been fully dedicated to working out, eating healthier and cutting back on my calories.  By the end of the first week, I dropped about 3 pounds. Now the scale is stuck and seems to be jumping back up around by 1-3 pounds daily.

Whatever, I’ve decided right now the scale and I aren’t friends. Instead, I need to find myself a soft tape measure because I know can feel a difference in my body.

I know that I’m eating far healthier and better portion sizes that in the last two years. I also know I am working out and pushing myself harder.


*Cross-training has almost always been running (intervals or slow pace) and this Yoga class is “gentle yoga” so it’s much more for stretching and hardly burns calories.

I also noticed that in the past few weeks I have been even happier, more motivated and some extra passion has surfaced with the husband. TMI, but what a difference it makes when I’m feeling good about my own body. Mid-wayi nto cooking dinner last night…middle of the kitchen counter rendezvous for the win. (Yes, we Lysol after.)

I am wondering though, after this morning’s workout if I’m not fueling completely properly. The last thing I want to do is stall my body from getting stronger, more toned, and feeling more energetic. Halfway through my hour strength training this morning, I was completely and utterly gassed. Everything I did after that point felt less than half-ass.

It’s disappointing because I went into the workout thinking I’d tear it up after the whole weekend off, but it was unfortunately the opposite. It wasn’t my lungs that couldn’t take it, or even the specific area that I was focused on, my body just felt all around low on energy.

Maybe it was just an off day. Maybe my body is adjusting to working out and eating fewer calories. Maybe my eating pattern is slightly off what it should be too. (Small breakfast, mid-size lunch and big dinner with a small mid-morning snack, and a small afternoon snack.)

I’m on such a roll that I don’t want to let anything stall me or bring me down. I feel like this is where the road splits. I can either take the high road and push even harder, or I take the same old road back to my old habits.

I want to take the uphill road this time.


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