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For a few months now I have been saying I want to get down to my pre-move in with husband weight. I keep going on rollercoasters of up and slightly down, without having any true movement downwards. For a few weeks I was starting to get really frustrated and could not understand why the scale was staying put. The husband accidentally saw my weight when we logged into my new online medical account to see if my CF test results were in and I cried. I feel really embarrassed by that number. I would really like to get to a point where I don’t cry over someone seeing my weight.

This current season on Biggest Loser they definitely made the arm-band that contestants are wearing more noticeable. I started doing a little research and found out what the BodyMedia fitband that they are all wearing is all about. It looked relatively easy to hide, could track steps taken, calories burned (including your body rest burn daily), calories in (there’s a whole nutrition aspect of it), moderate activity time, vigorous activity time, sleep, etc. Each section of data expands to show even more details when you’re looking online (vs. your phone – it has Bluetooth capabilities to see updates throughout the day). Things like your sodium intake, sugar intake, non-restful parts of sleep during the night, calories burned per minute of your workout, etc. is all available data.


Clearly I ordered one and I absolutely love it.

Sure the price was a little steep (about $100 for the gadget plus $20 for a 3 month nutrition subscription), and setting up the Bluetooth was annoying as all hell. However,  I can wear it almost daily without anyone noticing (I don’t wear it when I’m wearing tight clothing at work, just because I’d prefer not to have those conversations). The data associated with is has been so detailed and awesome.


I quickly noticed why I wasn’t losing weight. My calories in and calories burned hardly had any deficit between them. In my mind I was working out and burning 400 calories a day so I should have been losing weight, even at a slow pace. If I want to lose a healthy, steady, 1.5lbs a week mathematically all I need is a 750 calorie deficit each day. Since I’m sitting on my butt at my office for at least 8 hours a day though, my 30 minutes of walking during my commute and 45 minutes at the gym hardly gets my burn to the targeted 2300 calories a day (even though I thought I was). If I don’t have a workout session, my average burn was actually about 1800 calories total.


Wearing the band has forced me to realize that if I am consistently eating around 2,200 calories a day (which I would never have guessed it was that high) I’m not going to lose any weight, even with a 400 calorie burn workout each day. In fact, it makes complete sense why I’ve stayed relatively even since the wedding.

In terms of exercise, this little band is ridiculously motivating. It’s like a competition against myself daily. It tells me I should target a certain burn and steps taken so when at 8pm I’m home and normally being a couch potato – I find myself cleaning the kitchen or doing 10 minute on demand exercise videos to try to reach my burn.


Someone needs to take afternoon walks away from the desk.

And for the past week or so  I’ve been targeting between 1300 minimum -1600 calories max a day. Let me tell you, that feels like a huge change. My portions feel tiny compared to what they were, alcohol quickly bumps up the number, and eating meals out was a major downfall. One large burger and fries out at 1300 calories…is practically my entire’ s day worth of calories. I’m not saying I can’t ever eat out but I am saying I need to eat out less frequently (on average it was 3-4 times a week) and for a little bit while I’m really focusing on feeling better really reduce the eating out. I’m also not saying to stop having fun – there will be weekends (like last weekend) where I drink a bottle of wine and eat French fries and pizza and that’s life. I definitely enjoy it more when it’s not daily.

Clearly I need more, uniterrupted sleep.

Clearly I need more, uninterrupted sleep.

My portions are probably now a healthy size for me. I just got so used to eating the same amount as the husband (and he eats A LOT) and as fast as the husband (he does not chew) that I didn’t know how much I was taking in. On Monday night I had a filet of salmon, ½ cup of brown rice, and broccoli for dinner and when I first put it on my plate I thought…is this it? But really, it was filling without making me uncomfortably full. A new feeling I’ll have to get used to. 🙂

I also just want to feel great again. I’m tired of saying it, I’m tired of making excuses (I have PCOS so it’s harder to lose weight, I don’t want to miss out on life activities and enjoying meals out, etc.), blah blah blaaaah.

This past weekend all of us girls were joking about how we felt at the end of college (large bellied from alcohol and late night foods) and how we are anywhere from 20 to 50 (yes 50) pounds lighter now. The saddest thing for me was that actually, I’m just a few pounds less than my college graduating weight – which was the highest weight of my life. I met my husband 17 pounds lighter that I am now.  I trained for triathlons 30 pounds lighter than I am.

I don’t necessarily care about getting down to my triathlon weight (though of course I would be OK with it)! But I do care about getting to my normal, healthy, feel good weight – and will be about 18 pounds left to lose (counting the 2 pounds weight loss I have had so far in the past week).

I know it’ll be a slow process. I know there will be challenges. I know I’ve done it before, so it’s even more frustrating to do it again. But I’m feeling really motivated. This armband and a little spring weather is going to do wonders. I have an inkling that morning runs will be coming back…


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I knew I had gained a bit of weight over the past year. I stopped using a scale but I could feel it. I was getting snug in my clothing, feeling more lethargic and a brutal new chaffing issue which I never had before started happening.

Yet I somehow managed to ignore it and just convince myself it was minor weight gains. Or it was the summer heat and being swollen from the humidity.

And then, I had a bit of a breakdown this morning.

I can’t get into my work pants.


I’ve been wearing flowy summery dresses and skirts for about 3 months now and haven’t thought to pull my pants out. And then I pulled my grey pair out which were snug to get on and then, the button just wouldn’t pull shut.

On to the black pair. They were snug enough just trying to get them up my thighs that it’s uncomfortable to think about attempting to zip them.

The worst? A black & white dress that I fit into 2 years ago in what I felt was a heavier phase of mine. Stretching/pulling in the stomach now makes it look like I’m trying to get into a dress two sizes too small for me. And I am.

I can’t ignore it any more. It’s not just a gain in numbers that has become obvious on the scale but I can’t fit into my clothing. It’s taking a toll of my mood, my confidence, everything. It’s such an overwhelming and disappointing feeling. How did it happen? I’m not talking 3lbs here, I’m talking 17-19 lbs in one year.

I know how to fix this. Get to the gym, reduce the portions, eat healthier and cleaner. So why doesn’t it sound so easy?

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Week one of my training is completed!

I’ve actually decided to go through and modify my training program (as I’m sure I’ll do a bunch over the next few weeks). Basically I realized (with help from comments 🙂 ) that I can already run this distance, the point is I want my body to get used to it and to go faster.

So rather than baby my exercising the first few weeks, I’m jumping in where my body is already at (or basically at). I have a number of goals here all tied into one training program. I want to beat my previous PR, I really want to drop this 7lbs+ I’ve gained in the past few months and I want to be prepared and fully trained for my duathlon.

Here’s what this week looks like:

*My rest days this week are based on days/nights where I have other commitments and know  I won’t make it to the gym.

Here’s an updated week 3 & 4 (as is now):

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