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Today is just one of those days. I’m hormonal. That causes irritability and rage combined with a horrible headache. Add in a few people at work who are acting as if I am their secretary today and then getting a backhanded compliment from someone. It’s driving me just a bit nuts that since my soon to be promotion announcement, it feels like I’m being pushed a step back.

ANYWAY, as much as I want to whine, and eat cheese fries in a cold ac’ed comfy bed while watching Pretty Little Liars…I won’t be.

So here’s what’s great about today:

1. I woke up feeling rested. Thank God for a night under 85 degrees so I could actually sleep.

2. I had a nice catch-up lunch with my friend V. We’ve felt distant for a while and seriously it was nice to feel reconnected again.

3. I did a basic cleaning of my apartment last night along with 3 loads of laundry. Going home today into a clean-ish apartment is going to feel amazing.

4. I am seeing the Townie tonight. We’re swimming together (I really believe the benefits of working out together as a couple) then having dinner and relaxing. I’m more than looking forward to some cuddle sessions with him 😉

5. 3 more days to this work week. This weekend I have 3 besties from NY coming up for touristy Boston fun. Then next week I have training. Then the week after that…VACATION WITH MY GIRLFRIENDS AT THE BEACH!!!


 photo from weheartit.com

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