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Monday: AM: 60 minutes strength
Tuesday: PM: 60 minutes running/strength class
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: AM: 60 minutes running/abs class / PM: 60 minutes Hatha yoga
Friday: PM: 30 minute walk
Saturday: AM: 45 minutes spin / 60 minutes gentle yoga
Sunday: 25 minute walk

My second week (here’s one) went really well and a few things on my mind…

I love my running classes. I have two separate running classes – my first one, on Tuesday evenings that is a combo of strength (weighted lunges, skull crushers, planks, push-ups) and running (intervals, sprints, mile repeats) with an instructor who I would say is the Jillian Michaels at my gym. The second running class, on Thursday mornings is with an instructor who is much more like a Bob Harper and it’s much more cardio running based, with a little abs. I love both classes, and I really like both styles of teaching. I assumed I’d prefer the Bob-like class but actually, my preference was more towards the Jillian class. She may have been barking orders, but it motivated me and I just did what she said to do, without thinking that I couldn’t. Both classes are fantastic and I’m pushing myself far more than I would ever on my own. Sprints at 6, 9, 11, 13, and 15% inclines? Never, ever happened before. But I did it. I left both classes with a red face that lasted for hours, and I felt pretty damn accomplished.

I took a spin class before my gentle yoga class on Saturday and it was awesome. It’s been so long since I’ve taken a spin class with a motivating teacher and fantastic music. My instructor is 14 weeks pregnant with twins, this was her second class in a row that she was teaching (and partaking in) and she still pushed hard. It was a hilly and fast workout that went for 17 miles on that damn spin bike. I’m definitely going to try to get to spin class more often.

I really wanted my six days a week of workouts to be pretty solid workouts, not “walks”. However, between my shin splints, sore muscles, exhaustion, late period that finally arrived, and an opportunity to have dinner with my BFF who I hadn’t seen in too long, I nixed my Friday evening workout, and instead spent 30 minutes slow walking during lunch. It gave me a little anxiety at first, but then I realized how silly I was being. Walking is exercise. And for the record, quality time with my BFF was way better than a yoga class. I will admit though I should have (and fully could have) done a little more exercise on Sunday. My body felt awesome – no soreness and not tired anymore – but aside from about a 1 mile walk with friends (and massive cleaning out of my closet) I didn’t exercise. I would like to push a little harder this week – because I know I can.

I’m loving Yoga even more now because I’m no longer looking around the room. I used to get nervous because I couldn’t easily do or didn’t want to try certain poses. Lately in the yoga classes I have been attending (especially since they are more gentle) I just close my eyes and do my thing. For the first time last week I easily got into Eagle pose, held it, and gracefully unraveled. If they offered it, I swear I’d go to gentle yoga every evening.

I fully realize that small group classes – which are a small additional fee in addition to my gym membership – are the most motivating and consistent way for me to get my workouts in. I have no plans of stopping my once a week personal training, or my twice a week running classes and in fact…I just added one more to my weekly workouts. Friday morning kettlebells. I figured it would get me to the gym before work, I’d get a legit workout in before the weekend, and it’d leave my Friday evenings open instead of cancelling or worrying about the gym when Friday evening plans come up.

One thing I completely forgot about which will help me on my excuse days (it’s cold, rainy, I’m inside and can’t work out) is my collection…


Welcome back Jillian.

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Well, week one, I did it.

Monday: Strength – 60 minutes
Tuesday: 5k run
Wednesday: Off (I slept through 5am bootcamp…clearly needed the rest day )
Thursday: Yoga – 60 minutes
Friday: Combo of elliptical/treadmill – 30 minutes
Saturday: Yoga – 60 minutes
Sunday: 2 mile run

My workouts weren’t all quite what I was hoping for but a couple of things happened.

For one, recently I have been wearing a pair of my old Asics to strength training. They are hard soled and seem to be easier on my legs when lifting and doing various resistance training, TRX, etc. They are a few years old and have seen far too many miles (walking and running) to be used for any cardio. By accident a little over a week ago, I brought them to the gym on a night I planned to run. I didn’t think much of it and just ran in them on the treadmill for about 4.5 miles. As soon as I stopped running I felt a bit of soreness in my legs but figured it was just from increasing mileage.

Unfortunately the week that followed I had the worst shin splints I have ever had. It hurt just to stand and walk, let alone attempt to jog or run.  After a lot of icing, wearing compression socks, foam-rolling, yoga and my first ever ice bath – the pain has subsided by about 90%.  Yesterday during strength training (I wore my new Brooks – LOVE). I didn’t feel any pain and I’m just praying that for my first running class tonight that I’m pain free. I fully plan on forcing myself into another ice bath after class tonight.

PicMonkey Collage

Also, a very unexpected thing happened…I fell in love with Yoga. Honestly, I don’t think I have ever said such a thing. For years I have tried to make myself fall in love with yoga. Every time I took a class though, as soon as my heart rate went up a little – I’d always wish I was running instead. I had the hardest time staying present and enjoying the class – usually I’d be looking out the door at the treadmills. I may have felt a little better after class was over, but I don’t think I ever really appreciated it in the moment.

Rather than thinking of Yoga as my workout, I’ve started to think of it as a class in addition to my regular cardio workouts. I haven’t been trying to find Yoga classes that are cardio based, but instead I’m enjoying Hatha Yoga and Gentle Yoga – both slower classes that focus on stretching, holding poses and breathing. These classes, especially my Saturday mid-morning class, are incredible for me both physically and mentally. 3 minutes into pigeon pose this past weekend I finally found myself fully present (and very aware of my resisting tight hip-flexors). I leave these classes with my muscles and joints feeling looser and my whole body and mind feeling lighter.

Week two in progress!

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The Yoga Goal

Currently I am eating brown rice mixed with chicken, walnuts, broccoli and dried cranberries. I have to say it’s a pretty tasty concoction, so I had to share that.

Back on point. I can count on my two hands the amount of times I have been to Yoga classes throughout my life.

My usual position in Yoga classes

I have tried different classes and different styles but always found that I prefer cardio. But the more I read about fitness and the more I think I about it I know that stretching and muscle strengthening through Yoga would be pretty beneficial to myself as a runner.

On March 4th I did a 1.5 hour yoga class. While 30 of those minutes I wanted to be running, the other hour I was strictly in pain. Pain because I rarely stretch and just the act of stretching actually hurt. But hurt in a good way. Hurt in a slowly stretching my painful IT bands in pigeon-pose way.

So I bought a month package to that studio. That studio is normally $15 a drop-in (and $1,150 for an unlimited year, yikes!) but for first-timers it’s $30 for a one month unlimited.

I haven’t been since that Friday night but I think my goal for the rest of the month that I purchased is to try to go 5 more times. That’s a LOT for me. But it’d be great to see how this affects my other workouts.

Yoga fundamentals class tonight,  here I come.

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This morning I woke up at 5:55 am. I quickly changed, shoveled in a sandwich thin with homemade jam and walnuts (against what my stomach wanted) and ran out the door by 6:15. I arrived at my new kettlebell small group training class by 6:30.

Oh. My. God.

Circuits of: high kick running and jumps down a horizontal ladder, run over grab a kettle bell, 1 minute of hard-core kettlebell action, run over and do 20 spider man push-ups, then lunges down the room. Repeat. For ONE HOUR.

The trainer changed up how we’d run down the ladder, the different kettlebell movements, and the push-up types to keep it interesting and painful.

By the time I was out of the shower I was STARVING. I made a quick egg and cheese on an english muffin and ran back out the door to catch the bus to work.

I feel like I’ve already had a full day!

My new class meets every Tuesday morning for the next 8 weeks with four other women. As painful as it is to get up that early it feels amazing after! Now Tuesday really is my day because after work I can do whatever I want. I can lounge on my couch and catch-up on my dvr, I can run errands, cook dinner, and just relax. It’s my night and now I already got my workout in!

This new class made me realize that March might just be my month of fitness. Minus the first few sick days, I’ve realized that since March 4th I’ve been pretty active in a new way.

Friday, March 4th – I tried a fusion yoga class. An hour and a half of vinyasa meets other forms of yoga? It was tough and I still don’t think yoga is for me but hey, it was probably great for my body and mind. I have a month pass to that yoga place so I may try to get myself to go a few more times.

Saturday, March 5th – Boxing for 40min with my trainer.

Sunday, March 6th – Spin for hope. Eeek 3 hours of spinning, my lady parts hurt just remembering it.

Monday, March 7th – Boxing for 30min with my trainer and a 1 mile run in 9:10min.

Tuesday, March 8th – 1 hour kettlebell torture fun class

Even though the month is a 1/3 way through, I still want to come up with some goals…

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Tonight I attended a $5 community yoga class at a downtown studio. The studio offers a few of these classes a week to help get more people interested in yoga and in a way give back to the community.

I went to a 90 minute beginners vinyasa yoga class. I didn’t know what to expect and truthfully was a little nervous. But the studio immediately put me at ease. The big studio we were in was quiet, warm and lowly lit. There were 35 of us and yet the silence was incredible.

It was a combination of relaxing, tiring (no more downward dogs!), blissfully painful in certain stretches and then in the end, extremely calming.

While I don’t think this specific class was a workout like other yoga classes may be, it was excellent for easing my mind, stretching, working on a little strength, and just putting myself in a good place tonight.

One stretch in particular was exactly what my hips and it bands needed.

The Pigeon Pose

While yoga still isn’t my favorite form of exercise by any means I think I have been thinking of it all wrong. I enjoy doing my cardio, and I enjoy getting some strength training in during boxing. Yoga doesn’t necessarily have to be cardio or strength training workout (although I’m sure it’s actually a bit of both). But the parts of class tonight that were more meditation and stretching were such a great balance. I’d like to continue doing a class like this once a week. 

So I take back my previous comments of hatred towards yoga. I maybe, just a little bit, like yoga.

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I failed at one of my Fall goals this morning. 😦

Last week I agreed to go to 6am yoga downtown with a friend. In theory it sounded fabulous. In reality it would have meant getting up at 5:15 and walking a little over a mile in order to get to the class. In reality when you don’t go to bed until midnight, 5:15am is a no-no.

So I cancelled. Grrr. I hate doing that! I feel pretty crappy and lazy about the situation.

It makes me re-think why I said yes in the first place and what to say yes to in the future. I do love a good morning workout, BUT, right now my priority still needs to be my job and when I get up at 5:15am by 2pm I crash really hard.

So a few changes. First I need to get myself into bed earlier. Recently, I have started  watching my dvr’ed shows around 10pm. While I’m not a huge TV watcher, after a crazy day/cooking/etc it feels like play time once it hits 10pm and I get to veg a little. So it makes me want to stay up later since it’s my free fun time. I’m thinking the TV/computer needs to be turned off by 11pm every night. That’ll still give me an hour or two a night for “fun” time.

Second, yes I want to get some morning workouts in but I need to be more realistic. 6:15am spinning class at my gym a few blocks away? Feasible. 6am yoga class downtown? Not realistic.

So after getting a bit more sleep I should be ready to run tonight after work. I have my 10k in 11 days so I need to get some runs in before.

A few other completely random things:

1. I’m currently eating a strange, yet good concoction for breakfast. I finished my jar of Barney Butter yesterday so last night I threw in 1/2 cup dry oats, 1 container vanilla oikos greek yogurt, 1/2 tablespoon chia seeds, few shakes of pumpkin pie spice and raisins into the jar. This morning it tastes like sweet creamy…cheese. Haha.

2. Did your parents ever tell you not to shower during a thunder and lightning storm? To this day I don’t know if that’s an old wives’ tale or not but this morning during my shower the craziest thunder and lightning storm started. Once the lightning struck I only had to count to two before the loud clap of thunder started. My whole raced shower I kept thinking, “please don’t get hit by lightning“.


3. Where’s my canned pumpkin?! After the shortage I have been dying to get my hands on pumpkin again. I saw real pumpkins recently at a farmer’s market. I want my canned pumpkin!

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